There are countless species of trees available for purchase these days. However, not every tree is going to provide the same benefits. Each tree is quite unique and will have its own pros and cons you will need to educate yourself on before planting. Here are some tips to help you adorn your property with the proper, lush, and practical vegetation.

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Types of Trees – The timeless champions of the American lawn have been pine, oak, and maple trees for generations. These large, shady trees are easily maintainable, provide a comfortable sun free location during the summer, and have a classic middle American aesthetic when covered in snow. From rows of pines, to the stand-alone goliaths, oak trees, there is no wrong choice when adding a natural forest-inspired vibe to your property.

When to Get Rid Of A Tree – Alternatively to finding the perfect tree to plant, there is also the time to get rid of a tree. Do a few tests to see if the tree’s health is compromised; such as scrape off a small patch of bark and take note of the color of the inside of the tree. Green is good, brown is bad. Then there is root decay. Sometimes mushroom-like growths can appear around the base of the tree. Fungi are most likely root-rotting and a sign of increasing trouble for your tree. It is understandable that some old trees from yesteryear have a degree of sentimental value. That being said, some trees still can be helped with their health issues. Unfortunately, when enough is enough it is in you and your families best interest to call a professional arborist, and have the tree taken care of before the tree falls and causes damage.

How much should I water my new tree – Diligently water your tree during its first year. Consistency is key when it comes to providing nutrients for your sapling. You should plan on giving 5 gallons of water to your tree every 3 or 4 days. This translates to a baseline of 10 gallons of water every week. These numbers can obviously differ slightly depending on the environment in which you live in.

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When it comes to choosing, planting, or removing trees, be sure to keep yourself educated on all of the maintenance that goes into taking care of these large lawn features.

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