Being involved with the tree service industry, there are many things that contractors need to be aware of well before any job is set to begin. Depending on the height of the tree, the problem with the tree — whether it’s decaying and dying, or it’s just in an area that it needs to be removed, having the proper safety precautions is absolutely necessary. Tree removal isn’t something that should be left to just anybody. It has to be done by professional people who have the proper equipment for the job.

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Tree removal is not something to mess around with. No matter how cautious someone can be there is always the chance of getting injured if a tree limb shifts the wrong way. These workers are dealing with:

  • Chainsaws
  • Wood chippers
  • Axes
  • Other various hand tools

The majority of these tools have very large blades involves. A small distraction like shifting a tree limb and it could end in disaster with the worker very injured.

Another issue tree removal has is the fact that even with the perfect cuts the tree could fall in the opposite direction than what you planned. There could be quite a few obstacles such as hollowed-out trunks, because they’re rotting or dead, or even just a shift in the wind. The higher the tree the stronger the wind because of the shift in altitude.

Some safety equipment that a contractor should ALWAYS have:

  • The right clothing is essential. It needs to be thicker so any flying debris can’t easily cut through the fabric.
  • Work boots with the right amount of traction will help keep a grip when climbing the tree.
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  • A helmet and face shield to avoid any flying debris from cutting up the tree.
  • Heavy Work Gloves to keep hands protected from splinters, sharp pieces of the tree, chemicals, and insects.
  • Safety Goggles or Glasses are an alternative to the face shield. Depending on what part of the tree you’re working on depends on how much of the face needs to be protected.
  • With how loud chainsaws and wood chippers are there’s a chance of damaging the inner ear. Earplugs or earmuffs will reduce that damage and help keep your hearing intact.

Remember, NEVER try to take a tree down yourself. Always hire a professional company to take it down for you.

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