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The spring season is just the start of caring for your tree. You need to continue on into the summer to make sure your tree stays healthy. Since you’ve done the brunt work already, the summer care won’t be as strenuous to get through. Here are a few things you need to look out for when getting your healthy trees summer ready.

  • Keep Your Trees Hydrated – Since trees have thick roots deeply embedded into the ground, having a deep watering system  will be the best way to ensure your tree is properly water to remain healthy. Keeping your trees hydrated is also important in disease prevention. Keep a lookout for signs of drought. Yellowing and wilting of leaves, which may suggest the tree is dehydrated and needs water.
  • Continued Pruning and Trimming – While the majority of pruning and trimming is done in the spring, it’s best to keep up on tree maintenance to promote new growth throughout the summer season. Trim away any dead leaves or branches as you notice them to revive your tree’s branches. Also, this helps prepare your trees for the upcoming colder months.
  • Storm Prevention – Storms are typical during the summertime especially as the humidity rises. This can also produce strong thunderstorms, and even tornadoes. High winds are damaging to your tree and tree limbs, often causing downed branches. You can prepare for these storms by bracing any tree limbs that are weak, or newly planted trees, with strong rope or cables, as well as bracing the base of the trunk to prevent any uprooting of the tree.

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