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The Spring season is the essential time of year to ensure that your trees are growing happily, and healthily. After the winter, there can be damage and decay on your trees that could be detrimental to tree health. Follow these tree care tips to ensure that your tree’s roots keep digging deep and branches growing taller.

  • Inspect Tree Health – After the winter, it’s necessary to inspect your trees for any dead or diseased limbs that could be damaging to your tree’s health. These dying limbs should be removed promptly to ensure the continued growth of the tree.
  • Pruning & Trimming – Trimming back excess branches of your trees allows for new growth and buds to bloom. This not only helps with the overall look of your trees, but keeps them healthy for longer.
  • Replenish Mulch – If you have mulch around your trees, now is the time to re-mulch, or fill in any mulch gaps to protect and insulate the roots. The mulch will also help with weed control during the Spring and Summer seasons.
  • Fertilize – Give your trees a head start for the seasons with a little fertilizer. Fertilizing your trees will provide extra added nutrients that will help the tree grow and remain healthy.

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