It’s time of year again where you need to break out the winter coats, snow boots, gloves, and hats. While the snow is beautiful when it first falls, if you have to travel in it or conduct business, the novelty wears off quickly. Your business shouldn’t have to suffer because of the impending snow we’re going to get this winter. Both your employees and customers alike need to be safe as they visit your establishment. Here’s how you can keep everyone safe from winter conditions when they come into your building.

Figure Out Who’s Responsible: It’s very common for business owners to rent out their space instead of owning the building. If you own the building, you’ll have the freedom to hire whoever you want to clear out the snow. If not, contact the landlord to verify who they’ve hired to clear out the snow. Some landlords might let you hire someone on your own. Just make sure you get it taken care of now, rather than the first snowfall.

Hire A Company: If you want to make sure the plowing gets don’t right, hire a professional company like us. You want someone who can be on top of, if not one step ahead of the storm. Some of the things a professional company will have or make note of includes:
Valid proof of their insurance for the business and vehicles they’ll be using on the property. This will include worker’s compensation, general liability, and automobile liability.
They’ll be able to see how big the property is including obstructions like speed bumps, curbs, drains, etc.
Where the snow will be placed once it’s been cleared.

Where The Snow Goes: Huge snow piles left in parking lots can be hazardous. You have to figure out where the snow can go when it gets high enough. Our number one priority is the safety of each other of our clients and those visiting their establishments.

Stock Up On Supplies: A professional company will handle the majority of the work, but you’ll need to stay on top of additional maintenance. This includes regularly salting the sidewalks and walkways, especially if it’s still snowing after the company leaves. You might also need to do minimal shoveling until the snow removal company can come back for a second round.

Don’t wait to lock down your professional snow removal company. Contact us today!