Protecting your trees for the winter will ensure they blossom in the spring and summer. There isn’t much maintenance you need to do to your trees, but that little bit will go a long way. Here are some steps to strengthen up your trees for spring.

No More Fertilizer! – About 6 weeks before the first frost, is the time to stop fertilizing. It’ll be pointless because the soil won’t be able to soak up any more of the nutrients with the cold weather. By that point the soil has soaked up all it can and it’s ready to have a winter nap.

Morning picture of trees
Snow covered house and fir trees

Put Down the Shears! – Winter is probably the worst time for any sort of pruning. If a tree is freshly cut then it’ll be exposed to the cold snow and other harsh elements. It’ll be a huge shock to the system and could permanently damage the tree.

Avoid the Snow – Trying to find a spot to plant a tree where it won’t be snowed in can be a bit of a pain. If that’s not possible then shovel around the tree to help get rid of any snow buildup. Kitty litter or sand is great for de-icing!

Snowy Residential Avenue
Preventing Winter Damage to Trees

Cover it up! – If no one is opposed to a painted tree, then adding a layer or two of white latex paint to the bark will deflect any sunlight. Another option would be to just cover up the tree for the winter, removing snow when it builds up on the cover. Having your tree in direct winter sunlight runs the risk of periodic thawing. Then, when the temperature drops again, the tree is exposed to the harsh cold air. This will end up damaging, if not killing your tree before the sping time thaw.

Protecting Your Trees for Winter 1
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