Broken Tree Branch

A storm can strike at any time, and often without much notice. Heavy snow, drenching rains, or high winds can all cause unforeseen damage to trees on or near your property. Don’t let a downed limb, or even an entire tree, become problematic. We’ve got a few tips to make post-storm tree care simple. Even better, we’ll tell you how to minimize future damage, too.

  • Save A Damaged Tree: It is always ideal to preserve a healthy tree. Even when broken branches occur, it’s still very likely your tree can continue to be healthy and stand tall for many years. If a branch is broken or hanging, it can be removed to allow the tree to repair itself. Removal of the branch must be done in such a way that promotes healing. Improper removal could lead to future disease in the tree and even provide a place for pests to make their new home.
  • Avoid A Hazardous Situation: Trees that are close to powerlines or structures can pose as a danger during intense weather events. Strong wind gusts and pouring rain can strain your trees, leading to fallen branches. Heavy tree branches can take down utility lines, or worse, damage your home! If you notice pre-existing weak or damaged tree limbs, have them taken care of as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it is too late! If the branches are removed before a storm, you can prevent an inconvenient or dangerous situation ahead of time.
  • Minimize Future Damage: Regular maintenance can go a long way to ensure the welfare of your trees, next time a storm strikes. Routinely trimming and pruning weaker branches leaves less opportunity for downed limbs. Nature is unpredictable, so when storms unexpectedly occur you won’t have time to take care of the yard. Preparing your property beforehand is the best way to avoid a potentially dangerous mess.
  • Removal Of A Fallen Tree: Sadly, some trees could sustain extreme damage during a storm. If a tree is completely down or uprooted, it is time to have it removed from the property. This job is best suited for professionals with the right equipment for safe and complete removal. Don’t forget about the stump, too! Not only are they unsightly and dangerous, but they can also harbor unwanted insects & animals. When you lose a tree to a storm, act swiftly, so you’re not faced with a decaying mess later on.
Quick safety tips for after a storm:
  • Never stand under broken tree branches.
  • Always check for downed utility lines. If you see a line down, assume it is live and could be dangerous.
  • Don’t attempt to remove large hanging branches alone. While they may appear to be manageable, they often weigh hundreds of pounds!
  • Don’t try to climb a ladder with a chainsaw. If your tree is damaged and needs serious cleanup, it might be time to call a professional.

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