Warm weather is the perfect condition for bugs to make their presence know. While a lot of bugs are essential to the environment, such as pollinator bugs, there are some bugs we question their existence. Insects also like to come out of seemingly nowhere. Suddenly, a stink bug will be flying around, running into any hard surfaces. These bugs are prominent in the Spring is that the adults have laid their eggs at the end of summer. These are called overwintering insects or pests.

What are overwintering bugs?

They lay their eggs in warm spots in late summer and fall to develop during the winter. While the adults may pass away, the eggs hatch, and a new generation is born. Usually, trees and shrubs are the best spots to rest.

What types of bugs are there?

stink bug

● Scale: These are bugs that dwell mostly on tree branches and twigs. Scale bugs feed on the sap found in twigs and branches. They’re usually flat and round on the branches with either a hard or soft waxy covering. This covering acts as camouflage for them.

● Aphid: These bugs are much smaller and prefer the sap on leaves as opposed to branches. They will leave behind a sooty mold and sticky honeydew. Aphids reproduce very quickly, and when they do, it’s a lot of new offspring.

How can you prevent these bugs?

● For scale bugs, it comes down to timing. During the late fall or early spring, you should apply dormant oil. This oil will suffocate them before they can mature and start feeding on the tree sap.

● Despite having there being so many, aphids get taken care of by natural predators around the area. You can also wash them away since they are a softer bug.

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