Seeing your tree grow from a sapling to mature tree is a satisfying experience! When a tree gets to full size it can be utilized for shade, an epic tree-house, or a comfortable hammock to relax on those warm days and nights. Getting your new trees to this point is sometimes difficult, but with the right care, you can help your new tree flourish. Here are just a few ways you can give your new tree has the best chance to grow!

Property Damage

Down in the Underground – The roots of a tree are going to grow as big as, if not bigger than, the tree. Planting the tree over underground powerlines, sewer pipes, etc., could end up damaging those lines. Roots are very strong and nature will do anything to make sure it grows. This means damaging any man-made units. This goes for utility lines on poles as well. The tree can’t be underneath or even close to the utility wires in case the limbs and branches get too long. The utility workers will cut down any branches that might affect their lines for safety.

Cooler Weather is Best – Young trees love the cool weather! The best time to get your tree settled is the end of fall after all the leaves have dropped off or before flowers start really blooming in early spring. Cool weather helps promote healthy roots!

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Shovel in freshly dug hole

Front and Center! – Dig a hole big enough to allow the tree to stand up straight and add enough soil to pack the tree in. This gives the roots equal opportunity to bury in the dirt. If the tree can’t stay up straight try adding more soil, but if that doesn’t help then a stake can help prop it up. Don’t leave it in for too long though, the roots need room to expand.

Mulch It Up – Mulch will keep the temperature of the soil regulated but do not add any fertilizer to your tree. Certain fertilizers can actually be harmful to young trees and can stunt their growth.

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caring gardening in the spring

Add Hydration – It’s best to water young trees at least once a week. Make sure the soil is left moist to the touch, and not sopping wet. Not only will overly wet ground hinder the growth of the roots, the tree might be too overly saturated to grow properly.

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