Trees are very resilient to whatever nature brings. Generally, as long as the weather stays consistent they can take care of themselves. However, just like with anything, a little TLC can go a long way. With where your tree is positioned on your property, it might not be getting as many nutrients as it should. It’s still growing, producing new branches, leaves, etc., but it’s not as strong as it could which puts the tree at risk for insects and diseases. Fertilizer is designed to help balance out the nutrition your tree might be lacking. From improved color, extended lifespan, to stronger roots, fertilizer can make a huge improvement on your trees. Here are five reasons why you need to add fertilizer to your trees.

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Stronger Tree Roots: A plant, tree, or shrub is nothing without their roots. Roots establishing themselves in the soil are their main source of food and water. Strong, healthy roots help anchor the roots into the ground so there’s no chance of the tree falling over in normal circumstances.

Replaces Nutrients: Trees will use up their key nutrients early in the year to help grow their leaves, flowers, and fruits. The rest of the nutrients will be used slowly throughout the rest of the growing season. Adding fertilizer during the fall will replenish those key nutrients so it’s ready for the next growing season.

Improves Color: Trees are known for the lush, gorgeous colors, especially during the fall. Reds, oranges, and yellows leaves as far as you can see it. Some trees even have magenta, blue, and brown leaves. They’re absolutely beautiful to look at and the fertilizer helps keep them bright.

Improves Vigor: Fertilizer will help perk your tree up, but it protects it from insects and diseases. A tree that’s low or missing nutrients is vulnerable. Insects and diseases will be able to get into the trunk and branches easily as that state. You can add an insecticide to help protect the tree, but without those nutrients, it’s just a bandaid.

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Extends the Lifespan: Trees naturally have a long lifespan. You can plant a tree as a kid and your great-grandkids will still be benefiting from that tree. Adding fertilizer each fall ensures that your tree will be able to live a long and healthy life.