Whether you’re getting a tree removed or serviced, you need to make sure the company you hire can handle the job. The bigger the tree, the bigger the job is, especially if it needs to be trimmed or removed. You’re working with heavy limbs far off the ground that can do damage if they’re not removed carefully. Your tree’s health is also essential to make sure it’s not diseased or infested with insects that could cause tree harm. You need a reliable company that can help guide you with taking care of your tree. Some of the most important aspects would be:

• Experience: When it comes to your tree’s wellbeing, you need a very knowledgable company. True North Tree Services has that experience you need to keep every tree on your property healthy. We are qualified to access the tree’s health, trimming, removal, stump removal, and more.

• Transparency: When you’re paying someone for a service, you want to know exactly where the money is going and why you need to pay it. You also want to know who exactly is working on your trees. We can guarantee each one of our workers has the training and knowledge to get the job done. We have our credentials such as licenses, insurance, liability information, etc. on hand for you to examine. We go over in detail what you’re paying.

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• Affordability: Since you’re dealing with such a specific area, some companies want to charge you an outrageous fee to show up, let alone taking care of the tree itself. They may even sneak in some hidden costs you have no idea about until you get the bill. When we’re discussing the bill, we are open and honest about why you are being charged that amount. If an extra service needs to be added, like removing a tree limb or needing pesticides for the beginnings of an infestation, you are informed immediately about it. Our focus is on the tree and keeping your family safe.

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• Courteousness: Respect and kindness are extremely important in our company. When we’re on your property, we make sure to respect the space we’re given. We will show up on time for the job, return your calls promptly, answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability, and much more.

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